Automatic External Defibrillators

Only half of sudden cardiac arrest victims will initially need a shock, but nearly all require high – quality CPR. ZOLL® offers the only AEDs that support rescuers with integrated text, voice, and visual prompts.

Longer-lasting batteries and pads require fewer replacement parts, adding up to considerable cost
savings over time and rescue readiness in a cardiac arrest emergency.

Speed is of the essence when treating a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. ZOLL’s CPR-D-padz®
electrodes feature a unique one-piece, pull-strip design to ensure fast and accurate placement and to
minimize the potential of pads being dropped or stuck together.

AEDs are often subjected to rough handling and extreme conditions during an emergency. The
ZOLL AED Plus® is highly resistant to dust and moisture and has an ingress protection (IP) rating of
55, among the highest in the industry. It also meets IEC 68-2-27; 100G for shock and military (MIL
Standard 810F).


Zoll AED Plus


Zoll AED Pro

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