Travel First Aid Kit (T2)

A first aid kit created to deal with common injuries. It is small, light & easy to carry in a bag or vehicle.

This basic travel first aid kit contains:

3 Adhesive Plaster 19x72mm
2 Adhesive Plaster 25x72mm
1 Adhesive Plaster Round
1 Adhesive Plaster Square
1 Knuckle Plaster
1 Wound Cleaning Wipes
1 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Antiseptic Cream 5 Gms
1 Elastic Gauze Bandage 6x1m
1 Sterile Gauze Swab 7.5cm
1 Sterile Wound Dressing No
General Supplies
1 Scissor (7cm)
1 First Aid Leaflet
1 Microporous Tape 1.25x5mtr
1 Face Mask
5 Cotton Tip Applicator
2 Safety Pin
2 Salt Sachet
2 Sugar Sachet