An employee in your office suffers from a heart attack,
Are you prepared to save his life?

Learn CPR


Safety & comfort of our clients is our first priority, and to ensure that, we deal only in the best medical equipment from the world's best manufacturers.

Our passion for your safety has made us one of India's largest & most trusted Medical First Response Equipment & Disaster Preparedness Kit suppliers.

Products & Services


Automatic External Defibrillators
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Ambulance Equipment

Custom ambulance fabrication & equipment for it.
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CPR & First Aid

CPR & first aid training
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First Aid Kits

First aid kits for home, office & industries
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Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment
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Manikins for training
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Rent equipment as & when needed
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Stretchers & Evacuation

Stretchers & evacuation chairs of various tpes
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Disaster Preparedness

Kits to survive natural disasters
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